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At LM Decals we have a passion for markings. We believe markings are very important for a finished model's appearance and that an interesting and original set of markings can make a relatively commonplace model stand out.

The face behind LM Decals is Triantafyllos (Fyll) Metsovitis, who has for many years had an interest in the colours and markings of the vehicles in service with the armed forces of Greece and Cyprus. He has published a number of relevant articles in the IPMS-Hellas magazine "NEA", the MAFVA magazine "Tankette" and the publication "Military vehicle" by the Hellenic Military Vehicles Preservation Association (H.M.V.P.A.)

In these efforts he was lucky and had the privilege to have been helped by numerous friends, modellers and vehicle enthusiast alike, who provided information and/or photographs, each one contributing to putting together a more complete picture of this huge and diverse subject.

The inspiration for the LM Decals logo was the Insignia with the head of the goddess Athena that was the used by the Free Greek Forces fighting alongside the allies during WWII. It was used with a diamond shaped background by the 3rd Independent Greek Brigade which distinguished itself in the battles for Rimini in Italy. Post war it was the insignia of the Hellenic Army's 2nd Division.

LM Decals aims to provide modellers with decals that have so far been unavailable, for the most part, either with kits or from other decal manufacturers. Our first sheets cover vehicles used by the armed forces of Greece from the 1950's to the present day. We aim to also cover older periods in the future.

The armed forces of Greece have used a huge variety of vehicles and many of them have been kept in service for prolonged periods. This resulted in them often taking on a more modern appearance with newer colour schemes and markings, that provide the modeller with a wider and more exotic choice of finishes. Many WWII period vehicles served on into the 1990's finished in modern four colour camouflage. Also many modern vehicles in Greek service carry unique camouflage schemes that make very attractive models.

We are always open to suggestions for new sets of decals. If there is a subject you would like to model but no decals are commercially available and you have photographs and/or information that could be used for the creation of a new decal set please let us know. We shall be happy to consider your suggestions and perhaps the decals you need will be produced.

Also please feel free to contact us for anything else you may need concerning our products.

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