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The X series from LM decals comprises markings that have been specially commissioned and are printed to order. These decals may be printed to any scale required by the modeller and are only subject to limitations imposed by the printing method.
Instead of silk-screen printing which is used for our other decals sets, the X-series is printed using Sol-Ink digital printing, and so the cost of each set depends on its size and the complexity of the design The set's final configuration may differ from the one illustrated, as we will adapt it according to the scale requested so as to keep the size of the printed set and therefore the final price as low as possible. However, all the markings will be present provided they can be printed in the scale you require.
As a rule, X-series sets are not readily available. They are printed to order and therefore delivery times are longer that our other sets of decals. Occasionally some sets may be printed in limited numbers. Their availability shall be indicated.
If you have any special markings requirements please let us know and we shall do our best to satisfy your needs.
All the markings of our other sets may be printed to order in any scale not available as silk-screen printed decals according to your requirements.
Due to the printing method X-series decals have a uniform carrier film for all the markings of a set. The modeller must carefully cut out the decals in order to minimize the amount of film present around the marking on the model.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch concerning your special marking requirements. We shall inform you of the costs and delivery times.

To order X-series sets please send an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) stating your requirements. Please don't forget to tell us what scale you are interested in!