Hellenic Army Aviation UH-1H/AB205 helicopters

This large set of decals contains markings for twenty different UH-1H and AB-205 helicopters used by the Hellenic Army Aviation and a couple loaned to the Cyprus National Guard, covering the type's complete career to date.
Five different colour schemes have been used during the type's career to date, including Olive Drab and the three colour SE-Asia camouflage scheme. When delivered the AB-205 helicopters were finished in a unique three-colour scheme with light grey undersides. Nowadays all helicopters are finished in overall Helo Drab, a colour that presents enormous variation due to weathering and staining.
Also included are all versions of the Hellenic Army Aviation badge carried by the aircraft, raging from the earliest winged roundel with crown device to the latest low-visibility eagle and grenade version.

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PLEASE NOTE: Any markings from this set may be printed to order. Just have a look at the instructions and let us know via email which markings you need.


 Hellenic Air Force CL-215 Water Bombers 

The Canadair CL-215 entered service with the Hellenic Air Force in 1973, and since then has seen hard use, year in and year out, fighting the many forest fires that plague Greece during the summer months. The upgraded edition of this set includes markings for aircraft 1060 which received a special anniversary finish in 2018 to mark the celebration of the HAF's patron saint.

With this set of markings the modeller can build any aircraft of the type in service with the HAF, and the set includes warning stencils and propeller blade markings, down to three different manufacturers' logos.


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Hellenic Air Force CL-415 Water Bombers

The Bombardier CL-415 joined its predecessor the CL-215 in the Hellenic Air Force in 1999, reinforcing the HAFs forest fire-fighting capability. This set of markings allows the modeller to build any aircraft of the type in service with the HAF and includes miniscule warning markings present on the real aircraft.

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 Hellenic Navy Alouette III Helicopters

The Aérospatiale SA 319B Alouette III was the first type of helicopter to be used by the Hellenic Navy aboard its ships. The last two examples were still in use for training until recently. The markings included in this set allow the modeller to build any one of the Hellenic Navy's four Alouettes at any time during its career. Please download the free instruction sheet to see all the options in detail.

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Hellenic Air Force AB205 SAR Helicopters

The Hellenic Air Force has been using the AB-205 helicopter in the SAR role since the early 1970's when the type replaced the Sikorsky H-19. This highly detailed set includes markings for four different aircraft as well as two versions of the markings for the emergency inflatable pontoons carried on the skids.

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 Royal Hellenic Air Force Spitfire MkV   

 The Spitfire MkV entered service with the RHAF in 1943 with the two Greek squadrons, 335 sqn and 336 sqn, fighting with the RAF in N. Africa. These squadrons later moved to Italy from where missions were flown against axis forces in Italy, Greece and the Balkans. Following repatriation to Greece in 1944, these aircraft again saw action in the Greek Civil War (1945-1949), in some cases retaining some of their British markings. Surviving aircraft continued in service into the 1950s.

This set provides marking for 12 variations of 11 different aircraft, covering the complete career of the Spitfire MkV in RHAF service.

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Hellenic Army Aviation AH-64A Apache & DHA Apache Longbow Attack Helicopters

The Hellenic Army Aviation uses 20 AH-64 A Apache and 12 AH-64DHA Apache Longbow attack helicopters, in service respectively with the 1st and 2nd Attack Helicopter Battalions. This set contains all the markings necessary to build any Apache in Greek service. It contains enough markings to finish AH-64 A and one AH-64DHA.

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C-47 Dakota in HAF service

The first Dakotas entered service with, what was then the RHAF, in 1947.
This large set contains markings for 9 different aircraft. among them are markings for 4 of the RHAF Dakotas which took part in the Korean War. One of these aircraft went on to become the last serving Dakota in the modern HAF, and today is a preserved aircraft. Markings for this aircraft in its final guise are also included enabling the modeller to portray it booth at te start and the end of its career!
Aircraft serving in the 1960s and 1970s in various finishes are also covered, including the short lived NATO camouflage scheme of Green and Grey, before the three tone SEA camouflage scheme was adopted for tactical transport, as well as the white scheme used for VIP transports. The modeller can complete 5 different models using the markings provided in this set.


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