The M113 APC and M106 mortar carrier in Hellenic service and Cypriot service

This set provides markings for 9 different M113 APCs and 1 M106 mortar carrier plus generic markings.

Price 4.00



PLEASE NOTE: Any markings from this set may be printed to order. Just have a look at the instructions and let us know via email which markings you need.

The M24 Light Tank in Hellenic service

This set provides markings for 9 different M24 tanks.

Price 4.00

The Willys MB 1/4 ton truck, Dodge WC 51/52 3/4 ton truck, Dodge WC 54 ambulance, Dodge WC 62 6x6 truck in Hellenic service

This set provides markings for 13 different vehicles.

Price 4.00


The M35 2.5 ton truck and M49 Fuel truck, GMC CCKW 353 2.5 ton truck, CCW 353 2.5 - 5 ton truck, GMC CCKW 353 750 gal. fuel tanker, in Hellenic service

This set provides markings for 19 different vehicles plus generic markings.

Price 5.00







Hellenic Army 19th Mot. Div. vehicle Greece 1941

This set provides markings for 18 different Universal Carriers, 3 Vickers light tanks and two soft-skin vehicles serving with the Hellenic Army's 19th Mot. Div. in 1941 ,including correct markings to finish the 1/72 scale IBG kit of the Chevrolet C15A light truck as a Greek or captured vehicle.

Price 5.00




Hellenic Army Generic markings & registration numbers 1950 - 1967

This set provides generic markings for fuel types, tire pressures, jerry-can contents, warnings, helmet markings, etc, as well as prefixes and numbers for Hellenic Army registration numbers from 1950 to 1967. The numbers are also suitable for many WWII and post war US and allied vehicles.

Note: Many of the markings can also be used on 1/87 models, depending on the size of the vehicle.

Price 5.00









 RAF & RN special vehicle markings

This set p
rovides special markings for generic use on a variety of RAF vehicle types plus some specific Royal Navy vehicles used during WWII. It also provides alternative, additional or better markings for vehicles included in popular Airfix kits such as the "RAF Refuelling Set", the "RAF Recovery Set", "RAF Bomber Support Set" and the Bedford QL.

Included in the free instruction sheet are a number of markings, such as number plates and signboards, which can be printed on paper on a household printer. These are of course free for all. All you have to do is download and print the instructions!

Concerning the markings for specific RAF and RN vehicles, not all the markings present on the vehicles are provided.
Markings such as RAF roundels or allied stars may be provided with the kit decals, as in the case of the Airfix RAF sets.

Many of the vehicle types on which these markings may be used are available as models by a number of smaller manufacturers such as the white metal kits by MMS, resin kits by Matador Models, Milicast Models and others.

Price 5.00


 Hellenic Army Tactical Signs

Most Hellenic army armoured vehicles carry a tactical plate holder on both sides. This is a square 40 cm x 40 cm frame which holds four metal plates that can display three shapes in orange or magenta. These are used during exercises to designate "friendly" and "enemy" forces and formations or units.

Price 3.00

Hellenic Army Tactical Signs with Tactical Sign holders.


This set contains the same markings as LM 72008 and includes two pairs of resin sign holders. These resin parts are enough for two vehicles. Accessory set LMA 72001 contains enough sign holders for four vehicles and may be used in conjunction with sets LM 72008 and LM 72008-2.

Price 4.00€

M48, M48A3, M48A5 & M48A5 MOLF tanks and M88A1 ARV in Hellenic and Cypriot service, M60A1 & M60A3 tanks in Hellenic service

This set contains markings for 30 different vehicles. These cover the M48, M48A3, M48A5 & M48A5 MOLF tanks as well as an M48A3 driver training tank and an M48A3 MOLF tank armed with a 90mm main gun and used for training MOLF crews more economically by utilising older 90mm ammunition. Markings are also included for the M88A1 armoured recovery vehicle. One is an ex-Bundeswehr vehicle with many distinctive German features.The M48A5 MOLF is a unique Greek variant of the well known Patton tank. Also provided are markings for M60A1 and M60A3 tanks in service with the Hellenic Army. Their camouflage schemes range from a plain overall CARC green to two types of four-colour MERDC. One is the original, rather weathered, US Army camouflage with a few patches of Greek camouflage colours where US markings have been painted over and the other is the Hellenic Army MERDC scheme. The Greek colours are slightly different from the US ones. Last but not least markings are provided for 6 different Μ985 HEMTT trucks serving with the Hellenic Army. This vehicle externaly differs only in detail to the Μ977. Both original US warning stencils and later Greek versions are provided. The former can be used to depict Μ985/M977 vehicles in US service.

Price 5.00

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