Mercedes GD240 Central Air Police

This set contains markings for a Mercedes GD240 used by the Central Air Police in Athens.


Hellenic Army Civil War era unit markings

This set includes insignia for the II, VII, IX, XI (two versions) and XV divisions, early and late versions of the Armour School insignia and three versions of artillery insignia. These markings were used from 1946 to 1950 during which period the Hellenic Army had adopted a marking system similar to the British army system of WWII, utilising formation and arm-of-service signs.

Bren Carrier in  Hellenic Army service 1946-49

It is believed that this Universal Carrier Mk I was in service with the Hellenic Army Armour School. Unfortunately the unit insignia is obscured in the photo that is available. It is believed that the "22" on the arm of service marking denotes a reconnaissance unit and that the colours were green over blue. This information has yet to be confirmed.

Universal Carrier IX Div. artillery, Hellenic Army 1947

Markings for a Universal Carrier Mk I serving with an artillery unit of the IX Division in 1947, during the Greek Civil War.








M20 armoured car, 8224th MP security detachment, 8th Army, August 1953, South Korea.

Photographs and colour profiles of this vehicle can be found in the book "Armor In Korea, a pictorial history" by Jim Mesko, Squadron signal publications. The colour profile on the book's back cover wrongly depicts the 8th Army insignia in green and white instead of red and white.



Royal Navy Austin K6 crane

These markings are for a Royal Navy Austin K6 crane serving with the Royal NAvy's Coastal Forces Maintenance Unit 2, which followed flotillas of motor torpedo boats up the European coast in 1944/45, moving up with the land forces. A photo of this vehicle can be found in this thread. Based on the time frame the vehicles must have been finished in overall SCC No 15 Olive Drab.

If you wish you may only order the markings that appear on the vehicle's doors.

 RAF police Land Rover series II, Cyprus 1964

This vehicle was equipped with mesh protection over the windscreen and carried a large sign in three languages, English, Greek and Turkish, over the tilt hoops. It was used to escort British families during the troubles between the Greek and Turkish communities of the island.

Hellenic Army Centaur tank 1950's

These markings are typical of Centaurs tanks in Hellenic Army service in the 1950's until they were withdrawn in 1962. During this period they were equipped with a 0.50 cal heavy machine gun on the turret for AA protection. This particular tank is named AETOS meaning EAGLE.

Modern RAF logo

This logo appears on many modern RAF vehicles. Among others it has been seen on Land Rover Defenders, the new Schopf aircraft tugs and on mountain rescue vehicles.

Τhe logos may be ordered with white or blue script and in whatever size and quantity is required.

King Cobra 5-ton gun-truck

King Cobra was a gun truck built by the 8th Transportation Group. A M113A1 APC hull was mounted on a 5-ton M54 of the 27th Transportation Battalion. King Cobra was armed with a .50-cal machine gun in an ACAV (armored cavalry assault vehicle) turret, which at some point in its career was painted in American flag colors. The APC hull, and the truck itself, were black. Based on photographic evidence King Cobra seems to have gone through a number of repaints, each one being slightly different.