Military Vehicles

LMX 0073

Leopard 1A5 Hellenic Army Anniversary Finish 25th March 2018

The Hellenic Army marked the 25th March Independence Day parade of  2018 with a special anniversary finish for the flag bearing tank, leading the Armoured Corps column.

The finish was designed and applied by members of the Greek IPMS branch in cooperation with Miliprint, a graphic design company specialising in anniversary finishes for aircraft, following the guidelines set by the Hellenic Army and the Armoured Corps.

The decals are produced with the full cooperation of Dimitris Stathopoulos of Miliprint, and are a faithful scale reproduction of the originals. They can be printed in any scale required. For 1/35 scale specific sets may be ordered for the kit of the Leopard 1A5, by Meng, Takom or Revell/Italeri. The sideskirts provided by each maker differ slightly, so the flag marking has been adapted to fit each kit's parts.

These markings can be adapted to any Leopard model in any scale required.

LMX 0078

Leopard 2HEL Anniversary finish

To mark the ten year anniversary of the Leopard 2HEL's entry into service the Hellenic Army's XXV Armoured Brigade had a tank decorated in a special finish for the "OHI"-Day military parade in Salonika on the 28th October 2018.

The finish was designed and applied by Dimitris Stathopoulos of Icarus Workshop, a graphics designer with experience in the design and implementation of anniversary finishes both for aircraft and for tanks. Due to the tank's special paintwork army regulations only allow removable self-adhesive stickers to be used.

LM Decals produces these decals with the full cooperation of Dimitris Stathopoulos of Icarus Workshop, using the original designs to ensure 100% originality and accuracy.

Price 1/35
10 Euro 1/87 3 Euro





NOTE: For 1/35 scale this set must be used in conjunction with set LM 35015 which contains all the markings present on the Leopard 2HEL, including national insignia, number plates etc. When the two sets are ordered together there is a discount of 2 Euros and the total price for the two sets is 13 Euros.

For other scales please enquire via email.