LM 72019

British vehicle census numbers WWII

During WWII all British and Commonwealth army vehicles were marked with a census number. This consisted of a letter which indicated the vehicle's type and a number which was allocated when the vehicle was built.
This set contains all the prefix letters that were used and numbers in three different styles. Numbers are provided both singly and in groups of three digits so that the modeller can form the required census number.
Also provided are prefixes and numbers for vehicles tested at the Wheeled Vehicles Experimental Establishment (WVEE), which not only tested all new types of vehicle but also any captured enemy vehicle types. A four digit number was always applied in a distinctive style.
As a bonus some stencilled instructions that were often applied to some vehicles are provided

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The instructions for this set of markings is under preparation.

LM 72021

   RAF & RN special vehicle markings - Set 2

This set provides both generic and specific markings for use on a variety of RAF and Royal Navy vehicles used during WWII and post-war.

Included are markings for refuellers, Bomb Disposal vehicles of both services, squadron and station markings as well as marking for vehicles used for Mountain and Desert rescue. Also letters and numbers are provided to allow the modeller to make up RAF and RN vehicle serial numbers.

These markings are ideal for the vehicles in the various Airfix airfield sets as well as those from smaller manufacturers such as Matador Models, Milicast Models and others as well as for a variety of die-cast models which can be repainted to represent RAF or RN vehicles.

This set can be used in conjunction with sets LM 72007, LM 72019 and LM 72020 to provide even more possibilities for original models.

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The instructions for this set of markings is under preparation.