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LM 72022

C-47 Dakota in HAF service

The first Dakotas entered service with, what was then the RHAF, in 1947.
This large set contains markings for 9 different aircraft. among them are markings for 4 of the RHAF Dakotas which took part in the Korean War. One of these aircraft went on to become the last serving Dakota in the modern HAF, and today is a preserved aircraft. Markings for this aircraft in its final guise are also included enabling the modeller to portray it booth at te start and the end of its career!
Aircraft serving in the 1960s and 1970s in various finishes are also covered, including the short lived NATO camouflage scheme of Green and Grey, before the three tone SEA camouflage scheme was adopted for tactical transport, as well as the white scheme used for VIP transports. The modeller can complete 5 different models using the markings provided in this set.


Price 20.00 €

All the details of the various paint schemes can be found in the full colour instruction leaflet which can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

The instructions for this set of markings is under preparation.

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