LM 48003

 Royal Hellenic Air Force Spitfire MkV Greek 1/48 scale RAF North Africa Royal Hellenic Air Force Spitfire MkV 


The Spitfire MkV entered service with the RHAF in 1943 with the two Greek squadrons, 335 sqn and 336 sqn, fighting with the RAF in N. Africa. These squadrons later moved to Italy from where missions were flown against axis forces in Italy, Greece and the Balkans. Following repatriation to Greece in 1944, they again saw action in the Greek Civil War (1945-1949) in some cases retaining some of their British markings. Surviving aircraft continued in service into the 1950s.

This set provides marking for 12 variations of 11 different aircraft, covering the complete career of the Spitfire MkV in RHAF service.

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Royal Hellenic Air Force Spitfire MkV Greek Desert Air Force WWII

You can download a .pdf file of the full-colour instruction sheet for this set of decals here.


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