LM 87002

Modern Hellenic Army  AFVs

This set contains markings for the main APC, tank and ARV types in service with the modern Hellenic Army. Over 30 different models can be decorated using the markings in this set creating a mini collection of modern Greek AFVs. Types covered are the M113 APC, M106 Mortar vehicle, The Leopard 1GR, Leopard 1V and Leopard 1A5 as well as the Leopard 2A4 and Leopard 2HEL. Markings are also included for Two types or armoured recovery vehicle the Bergepanzer Leopard 1 and the Bergepanzer Büffel.

Price 6.00



You can download a .pdf file of the full-colour instruction sheet for this set of decals here

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