LMX 0101

 HAF Restored Spitfire Mk IXc MJ755 

After spending many years as a gate guard at Tatoi AFB, an exhibit at the Hellenic War Museum in Athens and later an exhibit at the Hellenic Air Force museum, Spitfire Mk IXc MJ755 has been restored to flying condition. The restoration was sponsored by the Icarus Foundation. This is the only surviving example of the Spitfires flown by the HAF.

The restored aircraft returned was repatriated in June 2021 and our set of markings has been amended to accurately portray the ones of the restored aircraft, using measurements taken from the actual aircraft. Two small markings have also been added.

 This set of markings can be printed to any scale required.

Prices for the most popular scale are given below. For other scales please enquire via email.




6,00 Euro


11,00 Euro


22,00 Euro

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