LMX 0121

Avro Anson MkI RHAF 1940

When war broke out on October 28 1940 the RHAF had 9 Avro Anson MkI in service. These were finished in Dark Green/Dark Earth camouflage and  Night Black undersides. They were marked Π51 to Π 62 on the fuselage and under the wings. During the hostilities these markings were changed to N51 to N62. After the Battle of Crete 5 Ansons (N51, 52, 55 56 and 61) escaped to Egypt were they continued the fight marked with British serials.
Any of the above serials may be specified when ordering these decals.

These decals can be printed to any scale required.

Prices for the most popular scale are given below. For other scales please enquire via email.




8,00 Euro


14,00 Euro

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