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LMX 0115

HAF 336 Sqn. "Olympos" F-16 Block 52+ Adv.

In May 2020 the HAF's 336 sqn decided to apply a distinctive tailmark to its F-16s designed by Aviation Project.
These decals has been created with the full cooperation of Aviation Project who designed the original markings for the HAF!

The set can be printed to order, in any scale required. Markings can be ordered for any specific aircraft flown by the squadron, whether a single or a two-seater.

In late August 2020 three aircraft from 336 Sqn. flew to Cyprus to participate in an exercise along with forces from France, Italy and of course Cyprus. The aircraft made the flight to Cyprus completely undetected by Turkish radar. At the time it was reported that the Turkish military learned of the presence of HAF aircraft in Cyprus from news reports, causing quite some concern. So in a way 336 Sqn aircraft once more played a part in historic events!

One particular aircraft, 020 differs from the rest of the squadron's aircraft by having a completely different tailmark. Another distinctive aircraft is the two-seater 030, which stands out as it has its number applied in black, instead of grey like all the other aircraft in the squadron.


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