LMX 0150

F-16C HAF NTM 2022

The 2022 NATO Tiger Meet was held in Araxos AB in Greece hosted by 335 Sqn HAF.
The HAF aircraft that carried the special NTM 2022 finish was an F-16C, s/n 1045 which is a unique aircraft for a number of reasons. This set of decals was created with full cooperation of AviationProject.com, who were responsible for all the official NTM 2022 artwork, meaning that the decals use the same artwork as was used on the actual aircraft. Another unique feature of "1045" is its set of warning markings which differ to all other F-16s in HAF service. These have also been faithfully reproduced for this set.

This set will be printed to order in any scale required by the modeller.




8 Euro


16 Euro






For other scales pleas enquire.
If you want one of these sets you can order via an email.

You can download a .pdf file of the full-colour instruction sheet for this set of decals here

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