LM 35010-2 Hellenic Army Tactical Signs with Tactical Sign holders.

This set contains the same markings as LM 35010 and includes a pair of resin sign holders. The resin parts are for one vehicle. Accessory set LMA 35001 contains enough sign holders for two vehicles and may be used in conjunction with sets LM 35010 and LM 35010-2.

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  Leopard 1 tanks in Hellenic Army Service

Greece is the largest user of Leopard family tanks in the world.
This revised set provides markings for more than 13 tanks covering all Leopard 1 types in service with the Hellenic Army. These are the Leopard 1GR based on the A3, the ex-Dutch Leopard 1V and the Leopard 1A5. Markings are included for some tanks that had names applied to their turrets. Also included are markings for one of two unique vehicles, the 2 Leopard 1A5 tanks based on the Dutch Leopard 1V. These prototypes were transferred to Greece and have some uniquely Dutch features.

Price 5.00€

 M48, M48A3, M48A5 & M48A5 MOLF tanks and M88A1 ARV in Hellenic and Cypriot service

This updated set contains markings for 16 different vehicles. These cover the M48, M48A3, M48A5 & M48A5 MOLF tanks as well as an M48A3 driver training tank and an M48A3 MOLF tank, used for training MOLF crews more economically by utilising older 90mm gun and ammunition. Markings are also included for the M88A1 armoured recovery vehicle. One is an ex-Bundeswehr vehicle with many distinctive German features. The M48A5 MOLF is a unique Greek variant of the well known Patton tank.

Price 5.00€

M60A1 & M60A3 tanks in Hellenic service

The set contains markings for 14 different M60A1 and M60A3 tanks in service with the Hellenic Army. Their camouflage schemes range from a plain overall CARC green to two types of four-colour MERDC. One is the original, rather weathered, US Army camouflage with a few patches of Greek camouflage colours where US markings were painted over and the other is the Hellenic Army MERDC scheme. The Greek colours are a little different from the US ones.

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HEMTT, MLRS & M577 in Hellenic Army service.

This set contains markings for 14 vehicles.

The English stencils and warnings are also suitable for models depicting US Army vehicles and are a vast improvement over the markings in the Italeri kit of the M977 HEMTT. Finally markings for the M577 armoured command vehicle are included.



Price 5.00€

Leopard 2A4 & Leopard 2HEL in Hellenic Army service.

This updated set contains markings for 7 specific vehicles plus numbers and blank number plates to build any Leopard 2 tank currently in service with the Hellenic Army. Both types carry a number of warning and instruction inscriptions on their horizontal surfaces, not normally visible from a distance and all of these are included in this set. Both types of the Leopard 2 in Hellenic Army service is finished in a unique and very distinctive four colour camouflage scheme.

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Hellenic Armed Forces generic vehicle markings Set 2

This set includes numbers, blank number plates, national markings, maximum speed signs, maintenance day markings, bridging class discs and coolant warning labels for Hellenic army, air force and navy vehicles. Also included are insignia for the Hellenic Navy and Air Force. The white EA and EX number prefixes can be used on the black number plates in conjunction with set LM 35008. The national insignia cover all periods from 1945 to the present. Please download the free instruction sheet to see the full potential of this set.

Price 5.00€

Mercedes 240GD 290GD Greece markings The Mercedes 240GD & 290GD in Hellenic service Set 2


This set provides markings for 16 different vehicles serving with the Hellenic Army, Air Force and Navy.


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Cyprus military vehicles tanks Cypriot National Guard vehicles 1960 - 1975

This set covers vehicles used by the Greek Cypriot National Guard from its establishment in 1960 until 1975. Types covered are the Daimler Dingo scout car, Marmon Herrington MK IVf armoured car, BTR-152 APC, T-34/85 tanks as well as the Land Rover and the ZIL-157 truck.


Price 5.00€




Hellenic Army AFV National Insignia Greece Hellenic Army AFV National Insignia


Price 3.00