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LM 35023

Cypriot National Guard vehicles 1976 - 2015

This set covers vehicles used by the Greek Cypriot National Guard from 1976, just after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus to 2015. In the years following the war the Cypriot National Guard modernised its equipment and this set of markings covers both the older types of vehicle that soldiered on as well as the modern vehicles that replaced them. The types covered are the BTR-152 APC, T-34/85 tanks as well as the Land Rover and more modern equipment like the VAB personel carrier, the AMX-30B and AMX-30B2 tanks, the BMP-3 IFV, the Mercedes 250GD field car and the BM-21 rocket launcher system. The full colour instruction's leaflet also describes the various changes that the camouflage schemes went through over the years.

NOTE: Other LM Decals sets that contain markings for vehicles used on Cyprus during the 1976 - 2015 period are: LM 35001, LM 35003, LM 35004, LM 35012, LM 35021. and LMX 0046.

Price 7.00€