PzH2000 Greek

PzH2000GR Self-propelled Howitzer

The Hellenic Army employs 24 PzH2000GR self propelled howitzers which entered service in 2004. The Greek vehicles are finished in a unique four colour camouflage scheme. The markings contained in this set enable the modeler to portray any PzH2000GR self propelled howitzer.

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M107 M110A2 Greece Cyprus Hellenic Army M107 & M110A2 SPGs in service in Cyprus

A small number of Hellenic Army M107 175 mm self-propelled guns served for a short period on Cyprus and these carried unique camouflage schemes similar to the ones used by the Greek Cypriot National Guard. Later they were converted to the M110A2 configuration. Four different vehicles may be built using the markings included in this set.

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Hellenic Artillery St. Barbara icon insignia

All Greek artillery pieces, both towed and self propelled carry a unique marking in the form of a brass icon of St. Barbara who is the artillery's patron saint. This marking can be found on all artillery pieces in service with the Hellenic Army and the Greek Cypriot National Guard.

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Cypriot National Guard vehicles 1976 - 2015

This set covers vehicles used by the Greek Cypriot National Guard from 1976, just after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus to 2015. In the years following the war the Cypriot National Guard modernised its equipment and this set of markings covers both the older types of vehicle that soldiered on as well as the modern vehicles that replaced them. The types covered are the BTR-152 APC, T-34/85 tanks as well as the Land Rover and more modern equipment like the VAB personel carrier, the AMX-30B and AMX-30B2 tanks, the BMP-3 IFV, the Mercedes 250GD field car and the BM-21 rocket launcher system. The full colour instruction's leaflet also describes the various changes that the camouflage schemes went through over the years.


NOTE: Other LM Decals sets that contain markings for vehicles used on Cyprus during the 1976 - 2015 period are: LM 35001, LM 35003, LM 35004, LM 35012, LM 35021. and LMX 0046.

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Panhard VBL (short wheel-base)

The short wheel-base version of the Panhard VBL light armoured vehicle was the first to be produced and exported widely. This set allows the modeller to build vehicles used by Greece, Portugal and Indonesia. Markings are included for 4 different Hellenic Army VBLs including vehicles that took part in operation ALBA in Albania in 1997 as part of the FMP force and also for VBLs of the Greek KFOR contingent. Markings are provided for 6 Portuguese army vehicles, including VBLs in Kosovo with KFOR and ISAF vehicles in Afghanistan. Also markings for two Indonesian Army vehicles are provided

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