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LMX 0093

Olympic Aviation Short SC.7 Skyvan

Olympic Aviation was Olympic Airlines' subsidiary for domestic flights. From the early 1970s the company employed two Skyvans SX-BBO and SX-BBN named "Isle of Skiathos" and "Isle of Mykonos" respectively. Airfix has produced a 1/72 scale kit of the Short Skyvan, but unfortunately the markings were incorrect. The only kit marking that can be used is the walkway marking for the aircraft's roof.
Photographic reference for these aircraft is plentiful on the internet.
This set of markings includes all the markings necessary to build an accurate model of either of the two aircraft. Markings for both aircraft can be printed to any scale required.
The price for the 1/72 scale set is 10.00 Euros.


Note: The set contains a two white Olympic centre markings. These should be applied to fins first, and then the coloured Olympic circles should be applied directly on top of these. this is necessary due to the tailfin's dark blue colour which can make the coloured marking appear darker if it is aplied without the white background.

Please remember to specify for which aircraft you require markings when ordering.

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