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LMX 0108

Austin K2 Ambulance "Katy"

"Ice Cold in Alex" is a1958 British war film starring John Mills. The real star of the film however is a Austin K2 Ambulance, named "Katy", in which the film's heroes travel across the desert in order to get to Alexandria. A number of vehicles were used during the film and the superstructure from an Austin K2 was apparently transplanted onto a CMP chassis making the ambulance a 4x4.

This set of decals was originally designed to be used on the good old 1/76th scale kit provided by the Airfix RAF Emergency Set. The vehicle's markings in the film are completely fictional and, as it was in black & white, we can only guess at the colours. The set even includes the marking for the vehicle's name which appears on the dashboard! As the set is designed to be combined with the kit's red cross markings, only the red cross marking that goes on the rear doors is provided.

These markings can be printed to any scale required by the modeller and if required all of the vehicle's red cross markings may be provided.



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